Signs Of Bipolar

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 Those people who deal with bipolar disorder experience a lot of mood swings. Bipolar disorder can happen to any person of distinct age groups. Bipolar disorder is a type of depression. Some patients of bipolar disorder experience a period of mania too. To treat this illness one should take help of a clinical psychologist. Browse this website if you are looking for reliable psychologist.

Changes of mood – Generally, a normal person’s mood will tend to change on certain occasions and not frequently. The most common sign of a bipolar disorder is mood swings. Mood swings are a combo of the depressive as well as maniac symptoms as per psychology. A bipolar disorder patient can be positive at one time and negative at the other time or the person can suffer from depression and other reasons. The maniac phase of bipolar disorder can remain for many days or for a couple of days. Even, the depressive symptoms can continue to happen for a certain time period. ‘Hypomania’ is a buffer phase that is experienced by several patients of bipolar disorder. Some patients also suffer from mood instabilities at first and then they become fully maniac or very depressive. 

Euphoria – Some bipolar disorder patients will experience periods of euphoria too. The patient will experience more level of happiness and along with that a sense of accomplishment. The sufferer will engage himself in a goal-oriented project and in certain activities. After that, the sufferer will feel that no person can stop him or her to reach his goals. But, sometimes the patient will be distracted from their goals quite easily. Some patients feel this heightened feeling and consider this euphoria period as a type of ‘high’. Sometimes, the patient will feel to go outside, travel here and there. The person will show their happiness even if others are surprised. Then, after a while, the patient will be irritated too much. 

Rapid Speech – Another symptom of maniac episode is the rapid speech. The patient will start to talk quickly and will talk for long hours. But, they may lose the track of their topic and the conclusion of their topic can be different. The person will talk about a lot of topics together and it will be hard for a normal person to understand their chain of thoughts. The energy level becomes higher during the time of a maniac episode and so the patients speak rapid speech. Other symptoms can be the overestimation of one’s own abilities to achieve something and even restlessness. 

Racing thoughts – Racing thoughts is another common symptom. In this case, the patient will not be able to keep their focus on a single thing and will over analyze their thoughts many times.