Comparison Between Tree Lopping And Tree Pruning

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All of the subjects that people get education in are divided under two main categories which are science subjects and art subjects. There are some such subjects in which both science and arts is involved and then there are some subjects in which only one of the two main subjects is studied. Agriculture is one such subject which can be categorized under both of the above mentioned subjects which are science and art. We are well aware with the definition of agriculture which is defined as the science or art of the plants and animals which may vary from the rearing of different kinds of animals to plantation of different species of plants. Agriculture can be divided into various branches on the basis of the specialised fields. There is a branch of agriculture which goes by the name of horticulture. Horticulture deals with the plantation, cultivation, growth and management of different types of plants. There are various processes by which plants are grown and looked after. We will be discussing about two such processes. In this article, our discussion is going to revolve around the comparison between tree lopping in North Shore and tree pruning. 


Gardening is the process of maintaining the garden by carrying out different activities. All kinds of gardens are maintained by following the same gardening techniques be it a commercial garden made in front of a restaurant or a residential garden made in front of a house. Firstly, gardening requires the regular watering of plants and mowing of the garden after regular intervals. Moreover, it involves the cultivation and plantation of different species of shrubs and herbs. These shrubs and herbs can be planted for ornamental purposes as well as for productive reasons. Hedging is another service which comes under the category of gardening; in this process the shrubs are perfectly shaped and are made as a boundary or a border. If you are interested about gardening in Lindfield you can visit

Comparison between tree lopping and tree pruning: 

Gardening also includes the processes of tree lopping and tree pruning. Tree lopping is the method of cutting the branches of the trees because the branches have grown so much that they do not allow the light to reach the shrubs. Basically, tree lopping is done to cut the excessive branches of the trees. On the other hand, tree pruning is the process in which unhealthy branches of the trees are cut to make sure that these branches won’t affect the growth of the remaining tree. 


Tree lopping and tree pruning; both involves the cutting of the branches of trees but for different reasons. In the process of tree lopping, excessive branches of the tree are cut to reduce the coverage area of a tree. On the other hand, tree pruning is done to remove the unhealthy branches of the tree so that they won’t affect the growth of a mains shrub or remaining tree. “Vision horticulture” offers the best services of tree lopping and tree pruning in north shore.