Types Of Garden Screens To Choose From

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If you are reading this, then you are well aware that outdoor garden screens exists. Other than serving its core purpose of maintaining and protecting your outdoor privacy, they can also conceal few bare areas in your backyard which you do not want to interfere with the look and feel of your garden. Outdoor garden screens comes in various styles, which are natural wood, synthetic materials, metal, aluminium, iron or bronze. The type and kind of garden screen you choose to go with has a lot to do with the weather, climatic conditions in your location and also the purpose of the privacy screen.  

Here is where we will discuss different types of garden screens that you can then pick from for your backyard:  

  1. Metal Garden Screens:  
    The metal garden screens are designed in as many number of panels you wish, that can be easily folded. Custom design as your wish can be easily made and carved into the metal as well. To get a more polished look, it is suggested to go for metal privacy screens made of bronze. In order to be long lasting and prevent rusting, they are power coated as well, hence, it gives them the ability to resist rough weather conditions. If you want to have a rustic look, you can get an iron privacy screen with an unfinished look!  
  2. Synthetic Garden Screens: 
    As compared to metal garden screens, synthetic are comparatively less expensive and in terms of weight, it is light in weight as well, which means you can easily move it around.  Synthetic screens also comes in folding panels, vinyl and canvas fabric. If you purpose is to install garden screens in Sydney for the purpose of making it your standout feature, then we suggest to go for synthetic garden screens as they come in a huge range of colours and possibilities to style. However, in comparison, with more exposure to weather such as strong wind, ice or rain, synthetic garden screens do not last.  
  3. Wooden Garden Screens:  
    If you choose to have a natural landscape for your garden, you can go for wooden garden screens. They can be made from willow, teak, pine or bamboo. Many people leave it untreated, which allows them to naturally blend with the landscape of your garden, but if you want quick results, you can stain and paint them accordingly. When the wooden screens are treated, they can also last longer than synthetic screens and withstand rain and rotting. However, a downer is that these will invite wood boring insects to your house. You can check kleencut.com.aus gallery and see for yourself the various designs they have to offer. Confused about how much it may cost you? Get in touch with the team and get an online quotation for yourself. For more information, please log on to http://kleencut.com.au/mp_service/aluminium-fabrication/fabrication-engineers