What Are The Features Of The Point Of Sale Software?

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You may not even remember seeing any cashier at any store to give you a hand written manual receipt and use a register to manually enter all the sales of the day. This is because these manual systems are long gone and these have been replaced by the hospitality POS systems which are the way for conducting the and processing the sales in the modern world. This system could be installed and integrated with number of the software and could provide various features. Some of the key features which this software provided are listed below:

POS Transaction processing:

The complete billing processing is done and supported by the POS transaction system in which there is the recording of every product through the barcode scanner and sometimes when the barcode scanner does not work then it also provide you the option of the manual entry of the code as well. Not only this but it gives you different payment options as well such as through the credit or debit card and through cash payment. All the product prices are added and the various things are calculated as well such as the taxes and the discounts as well. Then this invoice is printed and given to the customer. In many of the POS software, the email is also sent to the customer which includes all the details of his transaction.

Provide you the feature to track your sales and give you various reports:

Since the POS software are able to save a huge amount of the data in the organized form and therefore, it is able to give you a proper detailed analysis on your sales. You can use it to see the sale in the previous month or the week and you can also have the features which will allow you to see the total sale of some particular product over a certain period. Various reports could also be generated based on this which could help you forecast some season for the sale of some products and help you in determining that which promotions you should provide and on which products.

Stock managements:

The important part of any inventory store is the stock. The POS software must allow the real time tracking of the stock which means that the system must have the list of the products which are available. This data could help the owner to adjust and acquire the stock easily without having the need to manually check the stock every time. There are various kind of the views which are also added to introduce clearer visibility.